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:''For the flatpacked version, see [[Mahogany bookcase (flatpack)]].''
{{Infobox Construction
|name=Mahogany bookcase
|image=[[File:Mahogany bookcase built.png|150px]]
|icon=[[File:Mahogany bookcase icon.png]]
|room=[[Parlour]], [[Quest Hall]], [[Study]]
|examine=A good source of books!
|materials = 3 [[Mahogany plank]]s
A '''mahogany bookcase''' can be built in the bookcase [[hotspot]] of a [[Parlour]], [[Quest Hall]], and [[Study]] in a [[player-owned house]]. It requires level 40 [[Construction]] and 3 [[mahogany plank]]s to build. When built, it earns the player 420 [[Construction]] [[experience]].
A mahogany bookcase can be built in several different rooms, and acts as a collection of the many books you obtain in your adventures in ''RuneScape''.
{{Quest Hall}}

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