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{{Infobox Quest
|name = Making Friends with My Arm
|image = [[File:Making Friends with My Arm.png|300px]]
|number = 139
|members = Yes
|release = 6 September [[2018]]
|update = Making Friends With My Arm, Deadman Autumn Finals and Full Mobile Launch
|series = [[List of quest series#Troll series|Troll]]
|difficulty = Master
|developer = Ashleigh B, Mod Munro
'''Making Friends with My Arm''' is a master quest in the [[List of quest series#Troll series|troll quest series]] that follows on from [[My Arm's Big Adventure]]. It was first announced during {{RSL|RuneFest 2016}} on 17 September [[2016]] and polled on 15 August 2018 as part of the ''[[Poll:Raise your hands for My Arm?|Raise your hands for My Arm?]]'' [[poll]].
The quest will involve travelling with [[My Arm]] to Weiss, a troll town just north-east of [[Trollweiss Mountain]], to establish relations with the ice trolls who were driven out of the mines of [[Keldagrim]] by the [[Wise Old Man]] many years ago. However, My Arm must first woo the troll maiden Snowflake and kill the Wise Old Man.
{{Quest details
|start = Talk to [[Burntmeat]] in the [[Troll Stronghold (location)|Troll Stronghold's]] kitchen.
|difficulty = Master
|description = My Arm, the troll from ''My Arm's Big Adventure'', must embark on another journey of discovery. This time, you'll be escorting him to Weiss, a newly discovered troll town in the far north of the world, so he can share his wisdom ''*cough*'' with the inhabitants, in exchange for learning about their inventions.
Life's journeys can take us to some strange places, but My Arm is about to face the greatest adventure of all - true love. Plus, they'd like him to kill the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village, which doesn't sound like a clever move. Can you help My Arm get a grip on the situation and woo the fair Snowflake over the objections of her father, Mother? Or will My Arm be left to a loveless life of loneliness?
|length = Medium
|requirements =
'''No boosts allowed:'''
*{{Skill clickpic|Firemaking|66}} [[Firemaking]]
'''Boosts allowed:'''
*{{Skill clickpic|Mining|72}} [[Mining]]
*{{Skill clickpic|Construction|35}} [[Construction]]
*{{Skill clickpic|Agility|68}} [[Agility]]
*It is beneficial to have a higher [[Agility]] level.
*Completion of the following quests:
**[[My Arm's Big Adventure]]
***[[Eadgar's Ruse]]
****[[Troll Stronghold]]
*****[[Death Plateau]]
****[[Druidic Ritual]]
***[[The Feud]]
***[[Jungle Potion]]
****[[Druidic Ritual]]
**[[Swan Song]]
***[[One Small Favour]]
****[[Rune Mysteries]]
****[[Shilo Village]]
***[[Garden of Tranquillity]]
****[[Creature of Fenkenstrain]]
*****[[Priest in Peril]]
*****[[The Restless Ghost]]
**[[Cold War]]
**[[Romeo & Juliet]]
|items =
*[[Bucket]] (obtainable during quest)
*[[Rope]] (obtainable during quest)
*[[Pickaxe]] (obtainable during quest)
*[[Bolt of cloth]]
*5 [[mahogany plank]]s
*[[Cadava berry]]
*[[Combat equipment]] (preferably [[Melee]] or [[Ranged]])
*A teleport to [[Draynor Village]]
*Access to [[fairy ring]]s
*[[Stamina potion]]s
*[[Trollheim]] teleports
*A [[Varrock]] teleport
|kills = *[[Don't Know What]] (Level 163)
*[[Mother]] (level 198)
===Starting out===
''Items required: None.''<br />
''Items recommended: [[Weight-reducing clothing]], [[teleport]] method to [[Trollheim]].''
[[File:Burntmeat chathead.png|left]]
Head to the [[Troll Stronghold (location)|Troll Stronghold]], and speak to [[Burntmeat]]. He will tell you that an important visitor, [[Wolfbone]], has arrived, and that they require your help. Agree to help them.
Wolfbone comes from a place named [[Weiss]], a troll town far north of the Stronghold, and wanted to meet with the [[mountain trolls]] to trade. Their leader, [[Mother]], wants the mountain trolls to send an ambassador up to Weiss to teach their inventions while Wolfbone teaches theirs in the Stronghold. Burntmeat will tell you that they have chosen [[My Arm]] to be the ambassador for the mountain trolls, as he has travelled to distant lands (with you) before. Wolfbone will then show you the way to their town by sea, as climbing the mountains is too difficult.
Take the stairs near Burntmeat, and climb the ladder north-west past [[Kob]]. You will see My Arm training [[Drunken Dwarf's Leg]] to take over his role as the herb patch caretaker. Talk to My Arm, and you will ask him to meet you by Larry's boat north-east of [[Rellekka]].
Head to Larry's boat. The quickest way to reach there is using the [[fairy ring]] code {{Fairycode|DKS}}, and then running west. Talk to [[Larry]] and ask him if you could borrow his boat. A short cutscene will play, showing My Arm's arrival. Speak to Larry again, and you and My Arm will sail to Weiss.
===Troll Diplomacy===
''Items required: Any [[pickaxe]] and [[rope]] (both obtainable during this part).''<br />
''Items recommended: [[Weight-reducing clothing]] and [[stamina potion]]s, a teleport to [[Draynor Village]].''
After some time, you and [[My Arm]] will arrive just north of [[Weiss]]. As My Arm cannot climb the rockslide to reach Weiss, you must find a way to help him. Search the wrecked boat and obtain a [[rope]] and [[bronze pickaxe]].
[[File:Making Friends with My Arm - climbing rockslide.png|thumb|250px|Climbing up the cliff to reach Weiss.]]
Attempt to mine the cave entrace. After some dialogue, climb up the rockslides nearby (requiring 68 [[Agility]], [[boosts]] usable), and use a rope on the tree. Next, climb the rope and cross the ledge. Lastly, climb the next rockslide and pass the fallen tree.
Once you've reached the top, speak to [[Boulder]]. He will not let you in, as Weiss is a troll town and humans are unwelcome. Instead, go east of him and sneak in through the gap in the fence. You will enter an [[instanced]] version of the city with trolls throwing rocks at you, which will knock you out of the city if they hit you.
|title = Kicked out of Weiss
|align = right
|filename = Kicked out of Weiss.ogg
|desc = The track that plays upon getting knocked out.}}
Go south along the city's edge, then west. Once you reach a small alleyway, recover your [[run energy]] if necessary. Run along the western wall and zigzag to the east, while running north, until you reach the previously spotted hole in the ground to enter the mine. Once inside, '''DO NOT''' try to use the ramp. Quickly, go south through the narrow gap near the body of water. This gap acts as a checkpoint should you be knocked out again.
[[File:Making Friends with My Arm - swimming in Weiss cave.png|thumb|250px|Swimming through the Weiss cave, evading trolls in the process.]]
Follow the path and swim through the water, again avoiding the thrown rocks. At the end will be the mine entrance that needs to be unblocked for My Arm to enter (requiring 72 [[Mining]], [[boosts]] usable). However, before he can enter, a small path of stepping stones needs to be created in the water for My Arm to walk on, done by letting the trolls above throw rocks in the water.
Once there is a long enough path (roughly five stones long), mine the rubble and let My Arm walk in. The trolls cease attacking and will take you to the city's leader — [[Mother]], his bodyguard [[Don't Know What]] and his inventor assistant [[Odd Mushroom]]. He also has a daughter, [[Snowflake]], with whom My Arm falls in love.
Once Mother asks what My Arm has to offer to the trolls of Weiss, pick every chat option possible. Mother will be uninterested in any of the offerings My Arm has to make any business with Weiss, and he is adamant that trolls only need to be concerned about physical strength and prowess; he also wants his daughter to marry Don't Know What, who would inherit the throne once Mother dies.
[[File:Making Friends with My Arm - troll invasion.png|thumb|250px|Once upon a time, the Weiss trolls attacked the dwarves of Keldagrim...]]
Having nothing to offer to Mother, you and My Arm leave the the hut. Outside, speak to My Arm, and pick every chat option once more. You will learn from Odd Mushroom that the trolls of Weiss once lived further south near [[Keldagrim]], and was driven away by a then-young [[Wise Old Man]]. A plan is devised to let My Arm impress Mother by faking the killing of Wise Old Man, a long-time enemy of the Weiss trolls.
===The Wise "Dead" Man===
''Items required: [[Hammer]], [[saw]], 5 [[mahogany plank]]s, a [[bolt of cloth]], [[cadava berries]].''
Make way to [[Draynor Village]] where you will have to talk to the [[Wise Old Man]]. Ask him to help [[My Arm]]. He will initially refuse, as he is more of an adventurer than a family mediator; after reminding him of you saving his life during [[Swan Song]], he will agree to help you.
He will ask that you build a mahogany coffin and have the [[Apothecary]] brew a [[cadava potion]] that is suited for his age. The coffin can be built next to him, granting the player 715 [[Construction]] experience.
Make your way to the Apothecary in [[Varrock]], and have him make a [[reduced cadava potion]]. Return to the Wise Old Man and talk to him. He will then drink the potion and "die". Pick up the [[old man's coffin]], and make your way back to [[Weiss]], and speak to My Arm.
My Arm will now offer the Wise Old Man's "corpse" to [[Mother]], but he doubts its authenticity due to a lack of battle wounds. [[Odd Mushroom]] will attempt to persuade Mother to accept My Arm into the tribe and have [[Snowflake]] marry him, but Mother is still set in his ways, claiming that she needs to marry a proper troll like [[Don't Know What]].
[[File:Making Friends with My Arm - My Arm's deceit.png|thumb|250px|My Arm, Snowflake, Odd Mushroom and you attempt to convince Mother that My Arm killed the Wise Old Man.]]
Snowflake will then become enraged at Mother, telling him he shouldn't tell her how to think and love, and declaring her love for My Arm. He still insists that My Arm is not to be trusted. Suddenly, the Wise Old Man begins snoring. Odd Mushroom will claim that it is the remains of his magic escaping his body. The Wise Old Man will then break wind, convincing Mother that this is all a trick. He will then lock you, My Arm, Snowflake, a mortally wounded Odd Mushroom, and the now-awake Wise Old Man in a cell.
Talk to Odd Mushroom. He will tell you that Mother has lit a Fire of Domination, which drastically increases his strength and prevents teleportation magic from working, indicating his intention to kill everyone. Odd Mushroom will instruct you to find his notes where he writes down his inventions, so that Snowflake can carry on with his inventions. Shortly afterwards, Odd Mushroom passes away from his wounds. Snowflake will then ask you to kill her father as revenge for killing Odd Mushroom.
''Items required: [[Combat equipment]]''
[[File:Making Friends with My Arm - fighting Don't Know What.png|thumb|left|220px|Fighting Don't Know What.]]
The [[Wise Old Man]] will break the cell door, and [[Don't Know What]] will attack. He uses [[ranged]] attacks that can hit through the player's [[protection prayers]]. He has 220 [[Hitpoints]], and is very resistant to [[magic]], so [[melee]] or ranged attacks are recommended. Even though [[Snowflake]], [[My Arm]] and the Wise Old Man assist you in the fight, they will not do much damage.
If players need to escape, they must use the smelly hole found within the cell. This will take them outside of [[Weiss]] right next to the boat.
[[File:Making Friends with My Arm - fighting Mother.png|thumb|220px|You and the gang battle against Snowflake's father, Mother.]]
After defeating Don't Know What, you and the gang will have to fight [[Mother]], who plans to kill Snowflake. Before fighting him, you must take a [[bucket]] next to the large barrel of water and extinguish the Fire of Domination, or else none of your attacks will hit. The fight is similar to Don't Know What's, in which he will launch boulders toward the player that can hit through protection prayers, and will occasionally pummel the player backwards.
===A New Leader===
''Items required: [[Bucket]]''
After killing [[Mother]], [[Snowflake]] will call all the trolls of [[Weiss]] and declare herself as the new leader of Weiss, with all of them in agreement, claiming she is much nicer than Mother. She will then ask you to perform the wedding ceremony for her and [[My Arm]]; they will say their vows, and you will pronounce them as husband and wife. They will then perform the ancient dance of love (which is following each other at the same time).
Making Friends with My Arm - stepping up as leader.png|Snowflake declares herself the new leader of Weiss.
Making Friends with My Arm - wedding.png|The wedding ceremony of Snowflake and My Arm.
Making Friends with My Arm - ancient dance of love.png|The newlyweds performing the ancient dance of love.
Making Friends with My Arm - Snowflake and My Arm forever.png|Snowflake and My Arm forever!
After the ceremony, Snowflake will ask you to fetch some [[goat dung]] for her. Goat dung can be found in the north-east building. You will need a [[bucket]] to pick up the dung; you should still have it from the fight against Mother. If not, simply pick up another bucket next to the large barrel of water.
Return to Snowflake, who will make two [[herb patches]] just west; one to grow [[goutweed]], and one for you. She will then give you [[Odd Mushroom]]'s [[Weiss fire notes]], which contains the information required to light braziers. Read it, and speak to her once more.
'''Congratulations! Quest complete!'''
'''Optional post-quest reward''' - Players can return to [[Burntmeat]] and [[Wolfbone]] to inform them of the situation in [[Weiss]], and to give Burntmeat the [[Weiss fire notes]]. As Burntmeat has felt that you dislike his burnt meat, he will have Wolfbone reward you instead. Humorously, Wolfbone gives you [[burnt meat]] as a reward, while Burntmeat eats the notes you gave him, much to your annoyance.
{{Quest rewards
|name = Making Friends with My Arm
|image = [[File:Making Friends With My Arm reward scroll.png|center]]
|qp = 2
|rewards =
*{{Skill clickpic|Construction|2,000}} [[Construction]] [[experience]]
*{{Skill clickpic|Firemaking|5,000}} [[Firemaking]] [[experience]]
*{{Skill clickpic|Mining|10,000}} [[Mining]] [[experience]]
*{{Skill clickpic|Agility|10,000}} [[Agility]] [[experience]]
*Access to the [[Salt Mine]]s
*Ability to build [[fire pit]]s
*A new [[Disease (Farming)|disease]]-free [[herb patch]] in [[Weiss]] (requires building the [[fire pit]] before use)
*Ability to direct a teleport room portal to Troll Stronghold with a combination of salt
==Music unlocked==
*[[Barren Land]] - Unlocked outside [[Weiss]]
*[[Troll Shuffle]] - Unlocked when attempting to sneak around Weiss
*[[Lumbering]] - Unlocked when properly entering Weiss
*[[Mother Ruckus]] - Unlocked during the fight with [[Mother]]
*[[Snowflake & My Arm]] - Unlocked during [[Snowflake]] and [[My Arm]]'s wedding ceremony
==Pre-release gallery==
Making Friends with My Arm teaser 1.jpg|Mod Ash shows My Arm's substitute for the Trollheim herb patch, [[Drunken dwarf's leg]].
Making Friends with My Arm teaser 2.jpg|Mod Ash shows My Arm arriving near Weiss.
Making Friends with My Arm teaser 3.jpg|Mod Ash shows various screenshots from the quest.
Making Friends with My Arm teaser 4.jpg|Mod Ash shows more screenshots from the quest.
Making Friends with My Arm teaser 5.png|Mod Ash shows a particular cutscene from the quest.
*While speaking to the [[Apothecary]], and having the required [[cadava berry]] before he asks you for it, he will tell you "''That's very clever. I hope you've got a real feeling of pride and satisfaction from that.''" This is a reference to controversy and backlash that arose from game developer {{wp|Electronic Arts}} implementing a micro-transaction system within the video game ''{{wp|Star Wars Battlefront II}}''.
*After killing [[Don't Know What]], [[Squirrel (troll)|Squirrel]] runs to [[Mother]], declaring "''OLD MAN IN THE DUNGEON!''" which is a reference to ''{{wp|Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone}}'' when a troll is released in the school and Professor Quirrell (notice the name similarity) bursts into the Great Hall yelling, "''TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!''"
*The ancient dance of love [[My Arm]] and [[Snowflake]] perform is a reference to how two players circle around one another when they follow each other.
{{Making Friends with My Arm}}

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