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Malak is a vampyre noble who can be found in the Hair of the Dog Inn in Canifis. Being one of the four guardians of the Diamonds of Azzanadra, he plays an important role in the quest Desert Treasure. He informs the player that Dessous is the owner of the Blood diamond and teaches the player how to kill him. He fills the player's silver pot with their own blood, which is used to weaken Dessous after being contaminated with garlic and blessed by Saradomin. He comes to a mutual agreement with the player to kill Dessous, as it would mean that he has one less rival vampyre lord.

After the player kills Dessous, it is revealed that Dessous didn't actually have the diamond, but Malak is the owner of it instead. After the player informs him of the death of his rival, he surrenders the diamond to them. He is aware of and immune to the influence of the ring of charos.


  • Malak is a word in multiple Semitic languages to mean angel.

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