This article is about the Hunter creature. For the monster, see Maniacal monkey.

Maniacal monkeys are Hunter creatures, requiring the completion of Monkey Madness II to catch. Located beyond the crevice where Glough's laboratory used to be in Kruk's Dungeon (north past the monkey handholds after entering the dungeon), trapping them requires the player to mount a stunted demonic gorilla by holding the Kruk monkey greegree.

Bananas are mandatory in baiting these creatures, although logs are not needed to set up the trap, and a player can only set up one trap at a time. When successfully captured, their tail will cut off, usually leaving behind a damaged monkey tail. There is a 1/5,000 chance that it will leave behind a monkey tail instead, which can be used to string ballistae. When this happens, the chat log will show a message saying You've caught a monkey's tail. Other than the missing monkey, it's in perfect condition!

A maniacal monkey taking the bait.


To hunt Maniacal monkeys, all you need is the Kruk monkey greegree. Run west to the trapdoor into Kruk's Dungeon with your Kruk monkey greegree equipped. Once inside, you will automatically unequip your greegree. Simply run north a little, equip your greegree again, and use the monkeybars. Once across the monkeybars, climb through the crevice to the north and you will be in a room full of stunted demonic gorillas, large boulders, and of course, Maniacal monkeys. Climb on one of the stunted demonic gorillas and set up one of the large boulders with a banana in your inventory. Then you just wait for a monkey to trigger the trap. Once a monkey triggers the trap, check it(if you caught a monkey) and set it up again. Once you're out of bananas, collect the bones around the room until you only have one space left and cast bones to bananas. This method averages around 60k Hunter experience per hour at level 60. 70k at level 70 and 105k at 99.


  • Unlike most hunter creatures, maniacal monkeys are not killed; rather, when successfully captured, they will shed their tails to escape, beginning the process of regenerating their tail. The tail will grow bit by bit, with the examine text reflecting when they are able to fall for the deadfall traps once more. The examine texts are as follows:
    • Apparently these monkeys can shed their tails to escape danger.
    • This monkey's tail has begun to grow back.
    • This monkey's tail has almost completely regrown.

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