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Maple logs are received from cutting maple trees requiring a Woodcutting level of 45 and yield 100 Woodcutting experience (110 with Kandarin Medium Diary) per log.  Maple logs can be burned with a Firemaking level of 45, giving 135 experience per log. Maple logs can also be fletched into different items: arrow shafts, maple shortbow (u), maple longbow (u), and maple stock.

Because of their low price and the moderate experience they provide, maple logs are commonly used for training Firemaking. It would take no more than 96,096 sets of maple logs to get from 45-99 Firemaking.

Experience from logs

  • Each log gives 100 Woodcutting experience when cut (Woodcutting level 45 required).
  • Lighting a log gives 135 Firemaking experience (Firemaking level 45 required).
  • Making 60 arrow shafts gives 20 Fletching experience (Fletching level 45 required).
  • Making an unstrung maple shortbow gives 50 Fletching experience and 50 additional experience when adding bow string (Fletching level 50 required).
  • Making an unstrung maple longbow gives 58.3 Fletching experience and 58.2 additional experience when adding bow string (Fletching level 55 required).
  • Making a full maple stock gives 32 Fletching experience (Fletching level 54 required).
  • Making a maple shield requires two logs and gives 116.5 Fletching experience, or 58.25 xp per log (Fletching level 57 required).


  • Maple trees used to be only available to Members, but with the Corsair Cove update, 4 maple trees have been placed in a free-to-play area.
  • The appearance of Maple logs in a player's inventory was changed in an update, making them resemble Achey logs. This was an attempt to prevent scams where players would swap Yew logs for Maples while Trading. However, due to complaints the appearance was reverted.