A marble staircase can be built in the staircase hotspot of the Dungeon, Quest Hall and Skill Hall in a player-owned house. It requires 82 Construction, 5 mahogany planks and 5 marble blocks to build. When built, it earns the player 3200 experience.

Building non-spiral stairs to face the desired direction is very difficult. By default, "down" stairs go away from the door the first room was built from, but "up" stairs go towards the door the room was first built from (i.e. wrong way around). To get the stairs you want, you'll have to build the room from the correct direction first.

The other complications associated with staircases involve adding rooms or changing the staircase.

A staircase added to a Skill Hall on the regular level will prompt you to build it "Up" or "Down". When building an "Up" staircase, then attempting to climb the staircase, the construction interface will ask if you want to add a room at the top of the staircase. The rooms available at the top are either a Quest Hall or a Skill Hall. If you build a "Down" staircase, you have an additional option of building a dungeonstairs room downstairs.

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