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Marrentill detail.png

Marrentill is the second lowest level herb. It can be cleaned at level 5 Herblore, giving 3.8 experience. It is used for making antipoison, marrentill tar and Guthix rest potions. Marrentill is also used to light incense burners, in player-owned houses, to boost Prayer experience when sacrificing bones (usually dragon bones).

Marrentill is rarely used for Herblore purposes. Guthix rests and marrentill tar have limited uses and demand among players, and antipoison requires unicorn horn dust as a secondary ingredient, which is costly, due to its use in superantipoison potions. As well as this, antipoison potions can be easily obtained from Jiminua's Jungle Store, further decreasing the demand.

Marrentill, along with Guam leaves, is used in the Lunar Diplomacy quest to make Guam-marr vials for 84 experience per herb. The vial can then be destroyed and received again from Baba Yaga. Only a short trip to a nearby water source is required. This is a good way of getting rid of the low-level herbs for about 10k experience per hour.


Potion/item Level Second
XP Effect/usage
Antipoison(3).png Antipoison Herblore icon.png
Unicorn Horn Dust 37.5 An anti-poison cures poison and gives 3 minutes of immunity to poison
Guthix rest.png Guthix rest Herblore icon.png
Harralander 59.5 It reduces damage taken by poison by 1 hitpoint per dose, heals 5 hitpoints per dose, restores 5% run energy and boosts the maximum hitpoints by 5 at full health.
Marrentill tar.png Marrentill tar Herblore icon.png
15 Swamp tar 42.5 To bait orange salamanders and as ammunition.