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Martin Thwait is a rogue who can be found inside the Rogues' Den, located in Burthorpe by entering a trapdoor inside the Toad and Chicken inn. He sells a variety of Thieving-related items, like lockpicks for chests, stethoscopes for the local vaults, and an assortment of claws.

If a player has achieved 99 Thieving, they can purchase a Thieving cape and its respective hood from him for 99,000 coins. To access his store, you must have a level of 50 or higher in both the Thieving and Agility skills, or have a Thieving level of 99.

Treasure Trails

Martin Thwait is the solution to the hard anagram clue: RAT MAN WITHIN. The answer to his challenge: How many natural fires burn in the Rogue's Den? is 2.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Rope Rope 50 18 11 64
Lockpick Lockpick 25 20 12 196
Chisel Chisel 20 6 0 85
Knife Knife 20 6 3 98
Stethoscope Stethoscope 25 10 ?? Not sold
Bronze knife Bronze knife 15 1 0 33
Iron knife Iron knife 10 3 1 38
Steel knife Steel knife 5 11 6 60
Bronze claws Bronze claws 3 15 9 73
Iron claws Iron claws 2 50 31 39
Steel claws Steel claws 1 175 108 40


  • Martin appears to have his Thieving hood equipped, but it rests on the back of his cape rather than on his head.
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