This article is about a ranger's maximum hit. For other uses, see Maximum hit.

Maximum ranged hit is a term used to describe the highest amount of damage rangers can inflict. Currently the maximum ranged hit is 100 in PvM. PvP max hit is 72 with dragonstone dragon bolts (e) and max range damage% gear.

Maximum hit conditions

As the Corporeal beast has 2,000 hitpoints, in theory Ruby bolts (e) would be capable of hitting a 400, assuming no hitpoints from the Corporeal beast was lost. However, it has been capped at a maximum of 100 to prevent the bolts from being overpowered.

Note that the max hit with ruby bolts (e) is a special effect of the bolts, not due to equipment bonuses and ranged level.

Calculating your maximum ranged hit

With the addition of Ranged strength values, calculating a maximum ranged hit is now fairly easy.

Note: The trunc (truncate) function is used throughout the formula - this simply means ignore any decimal places of the number being truncated.

Step one: Calculate the effective strength level

See the following table for the various bonuses values:

Condition Bonus/Multiplier
Potion (note: addition not multiplier)
Ranging potion 4 + floor(10% of level)
Sharp Eye 1.05
Hawk Eye 1.1
Eagle Eye 1.15
Void ranger armour 1.1
Elite void ranger armour 1.125
Style (note: addition not multiplier)
Accurate 3
Longrange 1
Rapid 0

Step two: Calculate the base damage

If you are not using a special attack or effect:

Otherwise, continue to step three.

Step three: Calculate the bonus damage

The following special attack/effect bonuses apply (note: the various bolts bonuses only apply when the special effect activates):

Attack/Effect Multiplier
Special attacks
Dark bow (dragon arrows) 1.5
Dark bow (other arrows) 1.3
Bolts' Special effects
Diamond bolts (e) 1.15
Dragon bolts (e) 1.45
Onyx bolts (e) 1.15
Opal bolts (e) 1.25
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