Possessed Aquatic

Mayor Hobb chathead
Mayor Hobb (aquatic) chathead

Mayor Eustace Hobb is the current mayor of Witchaven. He can be found in his house before the completion of The Slug Menace quest. As the antagonist, he is heavily involved with Slug Menace, and after the quest, he disappears. During the quest, you find out he is in league with Mother Mallum, and he actually has gills (as he is possessed by a Sea slug). He helped release Mother Mallum by trying to open up a Saradomin shrine, but this was a cover up of what he really plans to do. His location is unknown at the moment.


During The Slug Menace, you find out he is possessed by a sea slug and in league with Mother Mallum. He helped release her by trying to open up a Saradomin shrine, suspiciously purchasing things that would go unneeded by the town. If you try to go through the imposing doors during the battle with the Slug Prince, he will push you back. He disappears after the quest, along with Brother Maledict and Col. O'Niall.


  • Mayor Hobb is currently the only known human victim of the sea slugs' control who achieved metamorphosis into a more aquatic creature, likely due to his long time possessed.
  • His beard's style changes after he is possessed.

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