Old School RuneScape Wiki

The maze is a random event initiated randomly by the appearance of the Mysterious Old Man, who offers the player a chance to complete a maze. 

Entering the maze

Whenever inside the maze, the bottom right corner of the screen displays the current Maze's "reward potential", which starts at 100% and slowly drains away. 65-75% finish potential is to be expected if the player is aware of how to solve the maze most effectively, though this can vary with starting location. Run energy doesn't deplete at all in the area, so continuous running is strongly recommended.

Routes to finish (map faces random direction when you enter)

The maze itself is a large square area full of "walls" made of floating squares, divided into inward circles. The goal is to touch the rotating object at the center of the maze. The player can do this by navigating through fenced doors that can be found in various places along the wall segments. These only lean inwards or outwards, there will never be a door leading through a cross-sectioning wall in a circle.

The doors don't distinguish themselves from walls in terms of game text, and all segments will only have the "Push Wall" command on them. If a player tries to push a non-door wall segment, they'll be informed that this is, in fact, not possible.


The maze event will reward the player with varying amounts of varying resources (always 3 types at a time unless one gets given double or triple; however, if the potential runs out completely, the player will leave empty-handed), scaled to the reward potential upon completion and the player's skill total. Some of these rewards can be very valuable in the amounts they are offered, with rewards upwards of 150,000 gp value not being too uncommon. The maze is rather favorable over most other random events which may be shorter, but give much less rewards most of the time.

Reaching the center

Reward 100% Potential 65% Potential
Coins ~4000 ~2600
Feather ~1800 ~1000
Iron arrow ~1200 ~800
Steel arrow ~400 ~260
Chaos rune ~840 ~240
Death rune ~210 ~140
Nature rune ~20 14-15
Coal ~123 ~65
Mithril ore ~21 ~10

Furthermore, there are several rewards chests along the way who may give low-tier resources like elemental runes and bronze arrows; however, these are in small amounts and are not worth the potential lost while running for them.