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Meeting notes are the minutes of the meeting at the end of The Giant Dwarf quest. They can substitute for watching the full cutscene but you get them regardless. Should the notes be lost, they can be reclaimed from the director of the company the player chose during the quest.


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Consortium Meeting 43517

In attendance:
Director of the Purple Pewter
Director of the Blue Opal
Director of the Yellow Fortune
Director of the Green Gemstone
Director of the White Chisel
Director of the Silver Cog
Director of the Brown Engine
Director of the Red Axe

Veldaban of the Black Guard (guest)
The human <player name> (guest)

Many suggestions were heard for whose head was to go on top of King Alvis' new statue, a change of plans proposed from the Director of the Red Axe. He suggested that as the most powerful company in Keldagrim, he should have the honour. This claim, however, cannot be entirely verified for accuracy. After much deliberations, it was proposed to pick a company director at random, but this met with fierce resistance from the Red Axe. At this point, Veldaban, Commander of the Black Guard in Keldagrim, joined the meeting and introduced the human [Your RuneScape username]. It seemed appropriate that, instead of choosing a company at random, the human would decide. Thus the [your Consortium company] was suggested. Despite threats by the Red Axe to boycott the Trade Octagon, the motion was accepted.