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Mekritus A'hara is a guard for The Myreque in Meiyerditch. The Myreque is a group of guerilla fighters intent on overthrowing Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan, the ruler of Morytania, and liberating the region.

Mekritus guards the hideout of the Sanguinesti Order of the Myreque. He can be found outside the locker room.

During A Taste of Hope, he is killed by the abomination. Here, it is revealed he has 52 hitpoints.


  • Mekritus A'hara: Good to see you safe friend.
  • Player: Why wouldn't I be safe?
  • Mekritus A'hara: The Vyrewatch are getting more ferocious by the day. You're doing well if you can get from one side of Meiyerditch to the other without getting attacked!

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