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The Menagerie in a player-owned house is a room where pets can be stored, and various features to play with pets.

There are two versions of this room, an indoor and outdoor version; both of which can be created with 37 Construction and 30,000 coins. However, you can only have one menagerie at a time. At no cost players may switch to indoor or outdoor menageries.

Menagerie screen

A player with an outdoor menagerie built.

There are 6 different hotspots available:

  • Scratching post - From time to time, a cat in a player-owned house will use this post to scratch on.
  • Pet feeder - You can use this to feed your pets if they are hungry.
  • Pet house - You can store your pets here. 
  • Habitat - You can make scenery in this room for your pets to live in. This can only be made in an outdoor menagerie.
  • Arena - You can have your pets battle here.
  • Pet list - Shows currently owned pets stored in your house.

Scratching post

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Oak scratching post Oak scratching post icon 39 2 oak planks, 1 rope 124
Teak scratching post Teak scratching post icon 49 2 teak planks, 1 rope, 1 limestone brick 204
Mahogany scratching post Mahogany scratching post icon 59 2 mahogany planks, 1 rope, 1 limestone brick 304

Pet feeder

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Oak feeder Oak feeder icon 37 3 oak planks, 1 bucket of milk 182
Teak feeder Teak feeder icon 48 3 teak planks, 1 bucket of milk 272
Mahogany feeder Mahogany feeder icon 59 4 mahogany planks, 1 bucket of milk, 1 gold leaf 862

Pet house

Pet houses are constructed in upgrades: before a higher level pet house can be built, you must first build the one before it.

Item Image Level Materials Experience Limit
Oak house Oak house icon 37 4 oak planks 240 3 pets
Teak house Teak house icon 48 Oak house, 4 teak planks 360 5 pets
Mahogany house Mahogany house icon 59 Teak house, 4 mahogany planks 560 7 pets
Consecrated house Consecrated house icon 70 Mahogany house, 4 mahogany planks, 1 magic stone 1,560 9 pets
Desecrated house Desecrated house icon 81 Consecrated house, 1 mahogany plank, 1 limestone brick 160 12 pets
Nature house Nature house icon 92 Desecrated house, 1 mahogany plank, 2 buckets of water, 3 supercompost 158 52 pets

Habitat (Outdoor Menagerie only)

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Grassland habitat Grassland habitat icon 37 1 bagged dead tree, 2 compost, Watering can (filled) 37
Forest habitat Forest habitat icon 47 1 bagged nice tree, 3 compost, Watering can (filled) 51
Desert habitat Desert habitat icon 57 1 bagged plant 1, 5 buckets of sand, Watering can (filled) 34
Polar habitat Polar habitat icon 67 3 oak planks, 2000 water runes, 5 ice coolers 271
Volcanic habitat Volcanic habitat icon 77 5 granite (5 kg), 100 lava runes 46


The arena serves as a way to have your pets "let off steam" by fighting each other. To use, simply use the desired pets on the arena. When two pets are placed inside, they will attack each other. This is simply for spectating as the pets placed inside can never kill each other.

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Simple arena Simple arena icon 63 2 oak planks, 1 bolt of cloth, 1 rope 139
Advanced arena Advanced arena icon 73 2 teak planks, 1 bolt of cloth, 1 rope 199
Glorious arena Glorious arena icon 83 2 mahogany planks, 1 bolt of cloth, 1 rope 299

Pet list

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Pet list Pet list icon 38 3 oak planks, 1 bolt of cloth, 1 papyrus 198

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