Minecart control scroll detail

Minecart control scrolls are instructions given to the player by Miriam. It is used to set up the Lovakengj Minecart Network. They are given to Loinur, Mogrim, Traxi, Raeli, and Stuliette to complete the network.

Players can use the Check option to find out the locations of the NPCs.


  1. The Arceuus station is by the northeast corner of the library, in the north of the town.
  2. The Shayzien station is north of their infirmaries, north east of the camp.
  3. The Hosidius station is north of the Woodcutting Guild, south west of a bank.
  4. The Piscarilius station is south of the town, next to a small mine.
  5. The Mount Quidamortem station is south of the bank, near the lake.
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