Miners are NPC that are located throughout the Motherlode Mine. Eleven are found throughout the mine, and their appearance and examine text varies from dwarf to dwarf.

Examine texts

  • He became a miner after his agoraphobia stopped him doing Sailing.
  • Professional miners don't actually whistle while they work.
  • M C Pickaxe in da house!
  • He applied to be the Drunken Dwarf, but failed the intelligence test.
  • He's supporting 3 small children. Very small children.
  • Secretly, he'd like to rescue princesses and eat mushrooms.
  • I mine in ma' mine, where I mine all da time...
  •' da whole place is mine, from da rocks to da slime!
  • He could have been a great ballet dancer if they'd let him try...
  • Mine mine mine mine MINE!
  • Mine mine mine mine HIS!


  • When you examine a miner to the north-east inside Motherlode Mine, it will say: "Secretly, he'd like to save princesses and eat mushrooms", which is a reference to the popular Nintendo game Super Mario Bros.
  • The examine text "He could have been a great ballet dancer if they'd let him try..." is likely a reference to the famous British movie Billy Elliot.
  • When you examine one of the miners on the upper level, it says "M C Pickaxe in da house!" which is most likely a reference to a popular rap artist, MC Hammer.
  • When you examine some miners, it will say: "Professional miners don't actually whistle while they work". This is a reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, where they whistle and sing while mining.
  • When a miner is struck by a rockfall he will scream "Ow!", but will take no damage.

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