Lumbridge Swamp training mine

The Lumbridge Swamp training mine, a common place for new players to level up their Mining skill.

Mines are areas where ores for Mining can be found. These may be above ground or underground and are scattered around Gielinor. Some of these locations are accessible only after certain quests are complete and some are members-only.

Standard mines

The table below lists the mines that contain any of the 'standard' ore rocks: clay, copper, tin, iron, silver, coal, gold, mithril, adamantite, and runite. See the 'other mines' section below for mines that contain other types of mineable rocks.

Mine names in italics are members-only mines.

Mine Clay Copper Tin Iron Silver Coal Gold Mith Addy Rune Notes and hazards
Al Kharid mine31953232Also known as the Chasm or Scorpion mine, it has a rock slope, which can be climbed with the proper Agility level. One of the rocks has a very long respawn time. It contains scorpions, which can interrupt mining.
Legends' Guild mine1113Between East Ardougne and the Legends' Guild.
Ardougne Sewers mine55In the central portion of the Ardougne Sewer.
South-east Ardougne mine64On the approach to the Monastery south of East Ardougne.
Battlefield mine21South of West Ardougne, west of the Battlefield.
Arzinian Mine146Next to Keldagrim south-west mine (see below for further useful details). Completion of Between a Rock... is required. Entry requires a Gold helmet.
Barbarian Village mine54Lacks copper ore needed to make bronze bars.
North Brimhaven mine10Also known as Horseshoe mine, on members' side of Karamja island, north-west of Brimhaven near the rope swing to Moss Giant Island.
South Brimhaven mine6On members' side of Karamja island, south-west of Brimhaven near the Brimhaven Dungeon entrance.
Coal Trucks18West of Seers' Village; coal trucks can hold up to 120 coal or more with Kandarin headgear. Place coal in trucks near mine, then remove coal from trucks in shed near bank.
Crafting Guild mining site667Level 40 Crafting is required for entry to the guild.
Desert Mining Camp surface mining site4434In the Kharidian Desert at the Desert Mining Camp. Completion of The Tourist Trap is required.
Desert Mining Camp underground mining site456In the Kharidian Desert under the Desert Mining Camp. Completion of The Tourist Trap is required. The only mineable rocks are deep in the mine, with the tin on the final north-west branch and the others on the north-east branch.
Dorgesh-Kaan mine912Completion of The Lost Tribe is required. Must have a light source.
Dwarven Mine51110911223Scorpions and King Scorpions are in the south-eastern section.
Edgeville Dungeon mine2233612Skeletons and hobgoblins in the mining area; other monsters on the route to the mining area.
Evil Chicken's Lair mine43442In the Evil Chicken's Lair in north-west Zanaris. Partial completion of Recipe for Disaster is required. Black dragons can be found outside of the mine.
East Fremennik Isles mine334On the surface on the island due north of Jatizso. Contains ice trolls.
Ogress Settlement mine521Only accessible once players have completed Dragon Slayer and received Haris's permission to access the area.
West Fremennik Isles mine3On the surface on the island due north of Jatizso. Contains ice trolls.
Keldagrim entrance mine92In the Fremennik Province near the entrance to Keldagrim.
Grand Tree mine98411443Completion of The Grand Tree is required. Contains giant bats.
Heroes' Guild mine11222Completion of Heroes' Quest is required. Contains giant bats.
Bandit Camp Mine1620228Also known as Hobgoblin Mine, Level 35 Wilderness, contains hobgoblins.
Isafdar mine4Players must traverse the dangerous forest of Isafdar to reach the mine fairly close to the entrance of the elven city of Lletya.
Jatizso mine11781511On the island of Jatizso, west of the city. Ice trolls are in the northern half of the mine.
Karamja Jungle mine11122Also known as the Nature altar mine because of its proximity to the entrance to the altar. In the centre of Karamja, north of Shilo Village.
Karamja Volcano mine4Contains skeletons and giant bats.
Keldagrim north-east mine9In Keldagrim, The Giant Dwarf must at least be started.
Keldagrim south-west mine25451In Keldagrim area. Some of the mine is across the river; pay the Dwarven Ferryman on south bank 2 coins to get there. Once there, the dwarven ferryman on the west bank will transport ore to the bank for you, at a cost of some of the ore.
Uzer mine10In the Kharidian Desert north of Uzer. Considered very inconvenient because of its remote location and the desert heat.
Agility Pyramid mine5It's in the Kharidian Desert about half way between Pollnivneach and Sophanem. Considered inconvenient because of its location and the desert heat.
Bandit Camp Quarry42In the Kharidian Desert south of the Bandit Camp (Kharidian Desert) and west of Jaldraocht Pyramid; be careful of desert heat. Easily accessible via the camulet or the Jaldraocht teleport of the pharaoh's sceptre. Also has granite and sandstone rocks.
Lava Maze Dungeon mine1In the Lava Maze Dungeon, surrounded by black dragons and poison spiders. Located in the Wilderness, so player killers can attack.
Lunar Isle mine67In the north-east on Lunar Isle. Suqahs can be found outside. Gems and pure essence can also be mined here.
Lumbridge Swamp training mine55Near Lumbridge Swamp south-east of Lumbridge. Safe place for low level miners.
West Lumbridge Swamp mine752Near Lumbridge Swamp, south-west of Lumbridge. Higher level rocks than south-east mine.
Miscellania mine(9)Northern Miscellania. Players cannot keep coal mined here but instead can obtain coal from the kingdom. See Throne of Miscellania and Royal Trouble for details.
Miscellania and Etceteria Dungeon mine4Near homes in Miscellania and Etceteria Dungeon. Part of Royal Trouble must be completed before it can be accessed. Ore from this mine can be kept, unlike in Miscellania mine.
Mining Guild85715102

Entrance is in Falador. Level 60 mining required to enter guild. 

Note: P2P area has 8 Iron, 20 Coal, 10 Mithril, 8 adamantite, and 2 runite ores.

Abandoned Mine214128261118Completion of Haunted Mine is required. Levels 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 have ore veins.
Myths' Guild mine42Located in the Myths' Guild basement.
North Crandor Mine731Travel through Karamja Volcano Dungeon to reach this mine.
Central Fremennik Isles mine71Ice trolls are found on the path to the mine.
Pirates' Hideout mine1441By the Pirates' Hideout in Deep Wilderness.
Piscatoris mine2223South of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.
Port Khazard mine222At Port Khazard. Note that the ore rocks are in two locations. The Fight Arena mine is listed below.
Rellekka mine437North-east of Rellekka. Completion of The Fremennik Trials is required.
Rimmington mine25262Near the house portal at Rimmington.
West Falador mine2632South of Taverley. Closest bank is Falador's west bank, for players who can use the Agility shortcut at the broken portion of the western Falador city wall.
South Crandor Mine373Travel through Karamja Volcano Dungeon to reach this mine. Moss giants are found nearby.
Mourner Tunnels mine1In the Temple of Light dungeon, accessible via the Mourners' headquarters in West Ardougne or via the Death altar. Completion of Mourning's Ends Part II is required. Dark beasts are found here.
North Mor Ul Rek mine33In Mor Ul Rek.
South-east Varrock mine964South-east of Varrock outside the city walls. Bears, giant rats, and unicorns are nearby.
South-west Varrock mine3833South-west of Varrock outside the city walls, just south of Varrock west bank. An aggressive mugger can be found here.
Southern Wilderness Mine23Contains skeletons; Level 6 Wilderness.
Fossil Island mine720352Located south of the Museum Camp on Fossil Island.
Verdant Valley3Located south of the Museum Camp on Fossil Island.
Lava Maze runite mine2Level 46 Wilderness on the north-west tip of the Lava Maze.
Fight Arena mine427912North-east of Yanille. Although actually next to the Fight Arena and Port Khazard, it is commonly called the Yanille Mine, because Yanille has the closest full-service bank. There is a nearby bank deposit box in Port Khazard.
South-Western Wilderness Mine34Level 9 Wilderness, beware of player killers.
Frozen Waste Plateau3Level 50 Wilderness in the north-west corner, beware of player killers.
Piscarilius mine 5 6 5 2 1 Piscarilius House on Great Kourend

Other mines

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