Old School RuneScape Wiki

The Minigame Group Finder interface.


The Minigame Group Finder can be found in the Quest tab. Players can select a minigame from the drop down menu and be entered into a chat channel to help them find other players. Players cannot be in two chat channels at the same time, so joining the minigame chat channel will automatically remove them from any channel that they were in previously.

The Group Finder can also teleport players to various minigame locations, excluding the Volcanic Mine (provided that they meet the requirements to access them). This teleport has a 20-minute cooldown and cannot be cast from PvP worlds, the wilderness, in a player-owned house, or the Duel Arena.

Note that the teleport cooldown within the minigame group finder does not share cooldowns with the Home Teleport's 30 minute cooldown.



Selecting the desired minigame gives players the option to join the official clan chat as well as an option to teleport directly outside of the minigame. This can be useful when travelling around Gielinor as most of the listed minigames do not have any requirements to access.

Other destinations

Although the list below are not minigames, they are listed in the minigame group finder as it helps players find other players who are looking for teams for different bosses. There is also a clan chat for the Shield of Arrav quest to help players find a partner to complete the quest. Player-owned houses are listed for events such as house parties or hosting gilded altars.