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A mithril rock, also called mithrite[1], is a rock that can be mined through the Mining skill to obtain mithril ore in various places throughout RuneScape. Mithril rocks can be mined with a Mining level of 55 or higher, granting 80 Mining experience and one mithril ore.

Hobgoblin Mine in level 30-35 Wilderness contains the greatest amount of mithril rocks. It also has several adamantite rocks, but like all Wilderness locations, player killers are always on the prowl, so take necessary precautions, and never bring anything you can't afford losing.


Mining Location Members Qty. Notes
Bandit Camp Mine No 22 rocks Located in level 30 Wilderness. Inhabited by aggressive Hobgoblins, this place is better known as the Hobgoblin Mine.
Jatizso Mine Yes 16 rocks Must have started The Fremennik Isles. Some Ice trolls inhabit the deeper part of this mine.
Ancient Cavern Yes 14 rocks Found in the upper area of the Ancient Cavern after Barbarian Training. Despite the high amount of rocks available here, this is a highly not recommended place to mine at due to the very powerful, aggressive Mithril dragons roaming in this area.
South Crandor Mine No 7 rocks The Dragon Slayer quest is required for access. The closest bank is in Mor Ul Rek, which is only available to members.
Mining Guild No 5 rocks Level 60 Mining is required to enter.
West Lumbridge Swamp Mine No 5 rocks The closest bank from this mine is the Draynor Village bank.
Desert Mining Camp Yes 5 rocks Wrought iron key is needed for access.
Grand Tree Mine Yes 4 rocks The Grand Tree quest is required for access.
Al Kharid Mine No 2 rocks Best known as Scorpion Mine, this mine is full of level 14 Scorpions.
Fight Arena and Port Khazard Mines Yes 3 rocks There are two mithril rocks at the Fight Arena mine and one at the Port Khazard mine to the north-east. A bank deposit box is conveniently located at Port Khazard, or Yanille Bank is also an option to the south.
Dwarven Mine No 2 rocks There are some aggressive Scorpions and King Scorpions in this part of the mine.
Heroes' Guild Mine Yes 2 rocks Must have completed Heroes' Quest.
Evil Chicken's Lair Yes 2 rocks Must have reached a certain point in Freeing Sir Amik Varze, a subquest of Recipe for Disaster. Raw chicken is used on the shrine for entry.
Karamja Jungle Mine Yes 2 rocks The nearest bank is Shilo Village, which requires the Shilo Village quest, but players will have to walk in a huge semi-circle. Alternatively, players can bank in Edgeville via an Amulet of glory, run north to the Abyss in low-level Wilderness, enter the Nature Rift, exit the altar, and lastly, head a bit north-west to the mine.
Edgeville Dungeon Mine No 1 rock Located near the centre of Edgeville Dungeon. It's far from a bank and only houses one mithril rock.
North Crandor Mine No 1 rock The Dragon Slayer quest is required for access.