Catching minnow
Requirements Fishing Guild minnow platform

82+ Fishing icon





Profit Experience gained
305,300 per hour

39,000 Fishing icon

Inputs Outputs


375 x Raw shark (305,250)

Minnow move around at a fixed rate of 15 seconds, which prevents AFK methods unlike other conventional methods, and a flying fish will occasionally appear which will eat minnow directly from the player's inventory as long as they keep fishing there. However, minnow will only occupy one inventory slot so there is no banking or inventory management involved.
Minnows can be exchanged for raw sharks by trading with Kylie Minnow at a rate of 40 minnows for one raw shark. With raw sharks worth 814, players can expect to earn between 305,250 and 508,750 an hour based on the player's fishing level.

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