Cleaning grimy dwarf weed
Requirements Grand Exchange.png

70 Herblore icon.png


15,000,000+ coins recommended
Grimy dwarf weed





Profit Experience gained
-105,000 per hour

14 Herblore icon.png

Inputs Outputs

5,000 x Grimy dwarf weed (2,240,000)

5,000 x Dwarf weed (2,135,000)

Dwarf weed are in high demand to create Ranging potions. It is often profitable to clean the grimy herbs and sell them on the Grand Exchange. Like all methods involving large amounts of buying and selling, which require a relatively high capital to start, it is recommended to test the market first to make sure cleaning dwarf weed is profitable.

Twenty-eight herbs can be cleaned per inventory, and each inventory can take from 10 to 20 seconds. Due to the risk of repetitive strain, it is advised to utilise mouse keys to speed up the cleaning process.

Please note that grimy dwarf weed have a buying limit of 10,000 every four hours, so you may clean them faster than you can buy them.

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