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Collecting big bones from the Bone Yard
Requirements Bone Yard.png

Decent Multicombat.png and Defence icon.png recommended
25 Prayer icon.png recommended for Protect Item




25 Magic icon.png recommended for Varrock Teleport (optional)



Profit Experience gained
54,000 per hour

None, but 6,000 Prayer icon.png experience if the player was to camp and bury the two big bone spawns close to one another in level 29 Wilderness

Inputs Outputs

6 x Law rune (996)
6 x Fire rune (30)

210 x Big bones (55,020)

A map of the Wilderness.

Big bones currently provides the best Prayer experience for free-to-play players. For this reason, there is a demand for them, and players can profit from collecting them. Although killing hill giants is a popular method of obtaining them, venturing into the Bone Yard in the Wilderness can allow players to collect more big bones, but it comes at a risk.

Players should be very careful because there are skeletons roaming the area, and there may be player killers lurking about. Since it is in the Wilderness, players should not take anything they are not prepared to lose.

After arriving, it takes 4-6 minutes to amass a full inventory, and the walking distance is about two minutes one-way. Below are the methods.

The earnings for each method is 43,230, 55,020, 77,290 respectively.

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