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Collecting blue dragon scales
Requirements Taverley Dungeon map.png

70 Agility icon.png recommended
37 Magic icon.png recommended




Dusty key (for players without level 70 Agility)



Profit Experience gained
363,200 per hour


Inputs Outputs

22 x Falador teleport (11,924)

550 x Blue dragon scale (375,100)

Getting there and returning.

Blue dragon scales spawn in Taverley Dungeon, and they are currently worth 682 coins each. Players can expect to collect about 550 scales per hour. 70 Agility is also recommended to avoid having to traverse Taverley Dungeon, which would require a dusty key.

As indicated on the map, follow the sky-blue route to the dungeon entrance. Enter the obstacle pipe if you have 70 Agility, or otherwise, go the long way around (see map above for details), but this is tedious and will only result in around 375 scales per hour. Start collecting the dragon scales, being careful not to attack any blue dragons on accident. When your inventory is full, teleport to Falador, bank the scales, and repeat.

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