Cooking raw sharks
Requirements Raw shark detail.png

80+ Cooking icon.png (89+ Cooking icon.png strongly recommended)


Cooking gauntlets
2,000,000+ coins recommended
Raw sharks



Profit Experience gained
245,700 per hour

0 Cooking icon.png

Inputs Outputs

1,300 x Raw shark (951,600)

1,300 x Shark (1,197,300)

Sharks heal up to 20 Hitpoints each, making them one of the highest-healing foods and amongst the most popular in the game. Beginning at 89 Cooking with Cooking gauntlets at the Hosidius clay ovens the burn rate of sharks is reduced to 0%. With the price difference between raw shark and cooked shark currently at 732-921 coins and a cook rate between 1,000 and 1,300 sharks an hour, the profit is normally between 0 and 0 per hour. Three-tick cooking increases cooking speed by around 25%, which increases the profit per hour to 1 and 1 at the expense of increased mouse clicks.

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