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The feather pack money making method is an extremely low risk endeavor with a moderate to high reward, especially for new players. It involves investing in feather packs at a price of 2gp a feather, and then selling the feathers on the Grand Exchange for 3gp each.


This method has the capability to have an income of up to 300,000gp per hour, although this is with perfect performance of the method. Actual income will be determined by initial investment, and the quality of performance of the method. For initial investments of less than 600,000gp, the following formula can be used to calculate maximum income.

(Initial Investment) / 2

Ex. For an initial investment of 100,000gp, a maximum profit of 50,000gp can be expected.


Start of by taking your initial investment out of the bank, and leaving the rest of your inventory slots open. Head to Port Sarim, and into Gerrant's Fishy Business. Trade with Gerrant, and ensure that his stock of feather packs is at 100. If it isn't, wait a little bit as it replenishes. If it is, then purchase just ten of the feather packs. Exit the store interface, and quickly open all the feather packs by clicking on them in your inventory. Then, trade with Gerrant again, purchasing another 10 packs when the stock is at 100 again. Continue to do this until all your money is spent, or you are happy with the amount of feathers you have purchased. Proceed to the Grand Exchange, and sell all your feathers for 3gp each. Your total profits will be equal to the number of feathers you are selling. You can then repeat the process with the money you made from your first round through.