Fletching Amethyst broad bolts
Requirements  Amethyst bolt tips 5 + Broad bolts 5 = Amethyst broad bolts 5 

76 Fletching icon


Amethyst bolt tips 5 27,500 Amethyst bolt tips 

Broad bolts 5 27,500 Broad bolts




The ability to fletch them for 300 Slayer reward points



Profit Experience gained
27,500 per hour

291,500 Fletching icon

Inputs Outputs

 27,500 x Broad bolts (1,650,000)

27,500 x Amethyst bolt tips (6,462,500)

27,500 x Amethyst broad bolts (8,140,000)

Amethyst bolt tips and Broad bolts are used to make amethyst broad bolts. Amethyst bolt tips require a Ranged lvl of at least 61 Ranged icon and a Slayer level of 65 Slayer icon to equip. They have the same Range strength bonus as Runite bolts. However, they are the strongest bolts against Kurasks and Turoths.

Doing this method can be immensely profitable, but there is also a risk of losing money. Therefore, before buying amethyst bolt tips in bulk, test the profit beforehand in the Grand Exchange.

This method gives 106 experience in Fletching for every set made. Each set takes 12 seconds to make, so it is theoretically possible to fletch 30,000 amethyst broad bolts Amethyst broad bolts 5 within an hour netting around 275-300k fletching experience depending on efficiency.

However, the price for amethyst bolt tips and amethyst broad bolts can fluctuate slightly. To maximise profits, find the price margins for each of the inbound items to make sure, you're turning a profit.

Amethyst bolt tips have a buying limit of 11,000, so it is recommended to purchase amethysts overnight on the Grand Exchange to maximise profit and experience.

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