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|Activity = Fletching [[ruby bolts]]
|Image = [[File:Ruby bolt tips 5.png]] + [[File:Adamant bolts 5.png]] = [[File:Ruby bolts 5.png]]
|Profit = 27000*({{GEP|Ruby bolts}} - {{GEP|Ruby bolt tips}} - {{GEP|Adamant bolts}})
|Skill = 63 {{scm|Fletching}}
|Item = <poem>
5,000,000+ [[coins]] recommended
[[Ruby bolt tips]]
[[Adamant bolts]]
|Quest = None
|Other = None
|Other Benefits = {{Formatexpr|6.3*27000}} {{Skill clickpic|Fletching}}
|Inputs = 27,000 x [[Adamant bolts]] ({{formatnum:{{#expr:{{GEP|Adamant bolts}}*27000}}}})<br>
27,000 x [[Ruby bolt tips]] ({{formatnum:{{#expr:{{GEP|Ruby bolt tips}}*27000}}}})
|Outputs = 27,000 x [[Ruby bolts]] ({{formatnum:{{#expr:{{GEP|Ruby bolts}}*27000}}}})
|Location = [[Grand Exchange]]
|Category = Fletching
|Members = Yes
|Details = [[Ruby bolts]] are used to create [[Ruby bolts (e)]], some of the most powerful [[ammunition]] in the game. It can be very profitable to fletch ruby bolts with [[ruby bolt tips]] and [[adamant bolts]]. However, there could be a fairly small profit margin, and the prices of the involved items can vary greatly. It is important to test the profit of this method beforehand, by buying the materials, making a bolt, and seeing how much it sells for.
Once you have your materials, use the bolt tips on the bolts. A menu will open up to make ruby bolts; click to make 10. Each set of ten bolts takes 1.2 seconds, so 100 bolts takes 12 seconds. After every set of 100, use the tips on the bolts again and repeat. You can make up to 27,000 bolts an hour with this method, while also gaining impressive [[Fletching]] experience.
Once you have made all of your bolts, sell them on the [[Grand Exchange]]. Maximise your profit by buying one ruby bolt and selling yours patiently at that price.
Note that because this method only uses three inventory spaces, it can be used in conjunction with other money making methods where inventory space is not essential, such as collecting tasks where it takes time to respawn.
This method can be used along with [[Money making guide/Cutting ruby bolt tips|cutting ruby bolt tips]] or [[Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Ruby)|enchanting ruby bolts]].
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