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Fletching unstrung maple longbows
Requirements Knife.png + Maple logs.png = Maple longbow (u).png

55 Fletching icon.png


200,000+ coins recommended
Maple logs







Profit Experience gained
63,000 per hour

87,450 Fletching icon.png

Inputs Outputs

1,500 x Maple logs (13,500)

1,500 x Maple longbow (u) (76,500)

In Fletching, players can start making some decent money once they can begin making unstrung maple longbows at level 55. Maple logs can be purchased off the Grand Exchange for 9 gold each. Depending on speed and consistency, up to 1,500 unstrung bows can be made in an hour.

Additionally, players can choose whether to sell them back in the Grand Exchange or alch them (giving 192 each), but it would result in -51,000 if the player also chooses to buy the nature runes priced at 217 each. Nonetheless, it could also provide the player with 65,000 Magic experience per hour assuming 1,000 High Level Alchemy casts.

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