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Humidifying clay
Requirements Humidify.gif

68 Magic icon.png



Profit Experience gained
750,600 per hour

53,000 Magic icon.png

Inputs Outputs

22,005 x Clay (3,806,865)
815 x Astral rune (129,585)

22,005 x Soft clay (4,687,065)

Soft clay is often used by players training Crafting who do not have the time to wet clay themselves. There is a high demand for soft clay, and this is a quick and easy way to get it. The profit can be significantly more than estimated here, due to outdated prices and demand on the Grand Exchange

One can cast Humidify on an inventory of clay to turn them into soft clay. Use astral runes, and equip a steam battlestaff to maximise profit and efficiency. Withdraw 27 clay and 815 astral runes, cast the Humidify spell, which will cause the whole inventory to turn into soft clay, open the bank, and repeat.

To do this as effectively as possible, withdraw all astral runes from your bank and have one soft clay and the stack of normal clay in your bank. Fill your bank with bank fillers and move the normal clay next to deposit inventory button, this will allow for quicker banking overall. Also set your F hotkey for inventory and spellbook to F1 and F2 respectively, this will help with efficiency.

Step 1. Withdraw your 27 clay from the bank. Step 2. Cast Humidify. Step 3. Quickly press F1 to see when your inventory is turned into soft clay. Step 4. Simultaneously press F2 and the bank at the same time. Step 5. Deposit your inventory and withdraw another 27 clay Step 6. Press ESC and repeat step 2-6.

When playing at maximum efficiency, up to 815+ spells can be cast per hour, for 22,005+ soft clay.

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