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Hunting carnivorous chinchompas
Requirements Carnivorous chinchompa.png

63+ Hunter icon.png (80+ Hunter icon.png strongly recommended)


4+ Box traps
A bow, ranged gear and Ava's device or Ava's accumulator (optional)


Eagles' Peak to learn how to setup box traps


Completion of hard tasks in the Western Provinces Diary (recommended)



Profit Experience gained
294,400 per hour

58,300 Hunter icon.png to 148,400 Hunter icon.png

Inputs Outputs

200 x Bronze arrow

220 x Red chinchompa (294,360)

The locations of carnivorous chinchompas at Feldip Hills.

Red chinchompas are very widely used for quickly levelling up Ranged, and players will make most of their money from Hunter by catching them.

A popular place to hunt them is south of the fairy ring (code AKS) by the south-western corner of the map. Upon arrival, it would be a good idea to kill one to see where it respawns so that traps can be set accordingly to surround the spot. Kill any chinchompa that wanders off and quickly reset the traps if necessary. All in all, on average, around 220 chinchompas can be caught per hour, but upwards of 340 catches can be made an hour at higher levels.

However, the best place to catch them is in the red chinchompa hunting ground, which becomes available after completing hard tasks in the Western Provinces Diary. This area has many more chinchompa spawns which makes shooting chinchompas unnecessary. At level 80, players can catch around 400-450 red chinchompas depending on their speed, making the hourly profit 535,200 to 602,100. At higher levels, upwards of 560 red chinchompas can be caught per hour, making the hourly profit 749,280.

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