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Hunting chinchompas
Requirements Chinchompa (Hunter).png

53+ Hunter icon.png


Eagles' Peak to use box traps (required), The Grand Tree or Swan Song if players wish to bank (optional)


A bow, some arrows (no more than 1,000) and Ava's device if using the stand-and-shoot method over the typical stand-and-wait method (optional)



Profit Experience gained
220,600 per hour

44,640 Hunter icon.png

Inputs Outputs

3 x Box trap (153) (if lost upon lagging or logging out)

225 x Chinchompa (220,725)

The locations of grey chinchompas at Piscatoris.

Although red chinchompas are more popular, players can still make money off hunting grey chinchompas. A popular place to hunt them is next to the yew tree where players could set their traps and cut some yew logs for Woodcutting, Firemaking and/or Fletching experience while waiting for a trap to go off. Furthermore, players who choose to fletch here could also alch their products. Upon arrival, it would be a good idea to kill one to see where it respawns so that traps can be set accordingly to surround the spot. If employing the stand-and-shoot method, kill any chinchompa that dismantles a trap or wanders off, and quickly reset the trap if necessary. All in all, on average, around 225 chinchompas can be caught per hour.

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