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Hunting implings
Requirements Dragon impling.png

83 Hunter icon.png strongly recommended
60+ Thieving icon.png recommended


Decent Strength icon.png and Agility icon.png recommended
50+ Magic icon.png (optional for casting Snare)



Profit Experience gained
600,800 per hour


Inputs Outputs

9 x Impling jar (9,459)
2 x Stamina potion (14,100)

2 x Dragon impling (624,372)

A map of Puro-Puro: Blue = portal, Yellow = wheat, Red = where the wheat withers away.

On a good day, hunting down implings can yield quite a bit of money for willing players. The elusive Dragon impling at Impetuous Impulses or throughout Gielinor is exceedingly rare, but it is valuable and worth 312,186.

Players can reach Puro-Puro by travelling to Lumbridge Swamp and entering the Lost City shed with a Dramen or Lunar staff equipped. Alternatively, they can use a Fairy ring if sufficient progress in Fairytale II - Cure a Queen has been made.

After entering the crop circle to access Puro-Puro, players could begin in the south-east or north-west corner and work the maze. Moreover, players are advised to always save nine jars so they can trade them for an inventory full of jars; otherwise, stock up on low-level implings and exchange them for a jar generator from Elnock Inquisitor.

Around 1-4 dragon implings could be caught on a good hour, which could set the profit margin between 312,186 and 1,248,744. Most likely, however, players will be fortunate enough to catch at least one an hour, so it is advised that they also catch nature, magpie and ninja implings while hunting for dragon imps in order to sustain profitability. Nonetheless, this money-making method has potential to be one of the fastest methods in all of RuneScape producing even more income than double nature rune crafting if players are very lucky.

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