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Killing brutal red dragons
Requirements Brutal red dragon.png

80+ Ranged icon.png recommended
37+ Prayer icon.png (Protect from Magic)


Rune crossbow or better with a Book of law or Twisted buckler
Diamond bolts (e)
(Extended) Antifire potion
Ranging potion
Prayer potions (depending on Prayer level); however, there is an altar right above so only use these to finish a kill if you know your prayer won't last.




70 Defence icon.png for Armadyl armour (optional)



Profit Experience gained
400,000 per hour

39,900 Ranged icon.png
13,266.75 Hitpoints icon.png

Inputs Outputs

3 x Extended antifire (3,104)
2 x Ranging potion (1,360)
6 x Prayer potion (60,336)

70 x Red dragonhide (156,870)
35 x Dragon bones (94,955)
Various Rune items
Various Dragon items

Brutal red dragons may be found in the Catacombs of Kourend. They have 100% drops of dragon bones and two red dragonhides, thus making them worth over 7,195 coins per kill. It is recommended to bring 1-2 Prayer potions (depending on Prayer level), a Ranging potion, and an Extended antifire. Protect from Magic should always be activated, or death is certain due to their extremely powerful magical attacks as well as dragonfire. Together, Protect from Magic and Antifire nullify all damage from a distance, but players need to make sure that both are on simultaneously.
Depending on setup, skills and inventory space, players can expect around 35 dragons' worth of loot a hour. Also, at the surface, players can find an altar just north and a bank to the south.

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