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|Profit = {{GEP|Black mask (10)|{{#expr:115*1/512}}}}
|Profit = {{GEP|Black mask (10)|{{#expr:115*1/512}}}}
|Skill = <poem>
|Skill = <poem>
70 {{scm|Magic}} / {{scm|Attack}} or 50 {{scm|Ranged}} recommended
70 {{scm|Magic}}, {{scm|Attack}} or 50 {{scm|Ranged}} recommended
70 {{scm|Defence}} recommended
70 {{scm|Defence}} recommended
58 {{scm|Slayer}} required
58 {{scm|Slayer}} required

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Killing cave horrors
Requirements Mos Le&#039;Harmless Caves

70 Magic icon, Attack icon or 50 Ranged icon recommended
70 Defence icon recommended
58 Slayer icon required


Level 70+ Magic/Ranged gear or Dragonhide armour (Melee armour not recommended since they use Magical melee)
Witchwood icon
Light source
Ectophial (optional)





Profit Experience gained
225,300 per hour

25,000 Multicombat experience
8,300 Hitpoints icon experience

Inputs Outputs


0.225 x Black mask (10) (225,286.57226562)

The profit rate assumes 115 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

Cave horrors drop the black mask, worth 1,003,015, at a believed 1/512 rate. They are located in the Mos Le'Harmless Caves, which require Cabin Fever to be completed. You'll also need a light source and a witchwood icon to avoid taking a great deal of damage. The easiest way to get to the caves would be teleporting to Port Phasmatys via the Ectophial and taking Bill Teach's boat to Mos Le'Harmless and travelling east from the town. Afterwards, be sure to unlock the Trouble Brewing minigame teleport once you arrive so that you may return with ease.

The cave horrors are a bit spread out, but they possess low Defence and only have 55 Hitpoints, so it's easy to take them down with any combat class. Ranged or Melee is preferred, however, in which there's a safespot near the entrance for rangers to use. With a good weapon and decent armour, they don't do enough damage to be very troublesome. Also, with mid-to-high level equipment, it's possible to kill upwards of 360 cave horrors per hour, thus increasing the profit margin to 705,244.92. They have very few drops besides the black mask worth picking up, although nature runes and various alchables and herb seeds may be worth picking up. At this rate, you should average about one black mask every hour and a half, although this is not at all guaranteed.

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