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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
|Activity = Killing [[cave horror]]s
|Image = [[File:Mos Le'Harmless Caves.png|300px]]
|Profit = {{GEP|Black mask (10)|{{#expr:115*1/1024}}}}
|Skill = <poem>
58 {{scm|Slayer}}
70 {{scm|Magic}}, {{scm|Attack}} or 50 {{scm|Ranged}} recommended
70 {{scm|Defence}} recommended
|Item = <poem>Level 70+ [[Magic]]/[[Ranged gear]] or [[Dragonhide armour]] ([[Melee armour]] not recommended since they use [[Magical melee]])
[[Witchwood icon]]
[[Light source]]
[[Ectophial]] (optional)
Some [[food]] especially if using [[Melee]]</poem>
|Quest = [[Cabin Fever]]
|Other = Unlocked the [[Trouble Brewing]] [[minigame teleport]] (optional but helps for returning)
|Other Benefits = {{Formatexpr|115*55*4}} {{scm|Combat}}<br>
{{Formatexpr|115*55*1.33 round-2}} {{scm|Hitpoints}}
|Inputs = None
|Outputs = {{#expr:1-((512-1)/512)^115 round 2}} x [[Black mask (10)]] ({{GEPrice|Black mask (10)|{{#expr:115*(1/512)}}}})
|Location = [[Mos Le'Harmless Caves]]
|Category = Combat/Mid
|Details = '''The profit rate assumes 115 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.'''
[[Cave horror]]s, requiring 58 [[Slayer]] to kill, drop the [[black mask]], worth {{Coins|{{GEP|Black mask (10)}}}}, at a believed 1/512 rate. They are located in the [[Mos Le'Harmless Caves]], which requires [[Cabin Fever]] to be completed. Also. players will need a [[light source]] and a [[witchwood icon]] to avoid taking a great deal of damage. The easiest way to get to the caves would be teleporting to [[Port Phasmatys]] via the [[Ectophial]] and taking [[Bill Teach]]'s boat to [[Mos Le'Harmless]] and travelling east from the town. Afterwards, be sure to unlock the [[Trouble Brewing]] [[minigame teleport]] once you arrive so that you may return with ease.
The cave horrors are a bit spread out, but they possess low [[Defence]] and only have 55 [[Hitpoints]], so it's easy to take them down with any [[combat class]]. [[Ranged]] or [[Melee]] is preferred, however, in which there's a [[safespot]] near the entrance for rangers to use. With a good [[weapon]] and decent [[armour]], they don't do enough damage to be very troublesome. Also, with mid-to-high level [[equipment]], it's possible to kill upwards of 360 cave horrors per hour, thus increasing the profit margin to {{Coins|{{GEP|Black mask (10)|{{#expr:360*1/512}}}}}}. They have very few drops besides the black mask worth picking up, although [[nature rune]]s and various [[alch]]ables and [[herb seed]]s may be worth picking up. At this rate, you should average about one black mask every hour and a half, although this is not at all guaranteed.
{{Money making}}

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