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Killing chickens
Requirements Killing chickens.png



Steel or better weapon for Melee
Bronze ammunition or better for Ranged







Profit Experience gained
27,300 per hour

1,800 Multicombat.png
600 Hitpoints icon.png

Inputs Outputs


150 x Bones (13,350)
150 x Raw chicken (10,350)
1,200 x Feather (3,600)

Chickens are found a short distance diagonally across from the circled area.

Chickens can be killed at the farm north-east of Lumbridge. Raw chicken can be sold at the Grand Exchange for 69 coins, and bones can be sold at the Grand Exchange for 89 coins. Chickens also commonly drop 5, 10 or 15 feathers that sell for 3 coins each.

As chickens have very few Hitpoints, a fast hitting weapon such as a scimitar is recommended over a slower one such as a two-handed sword. Once a full inventory of feathers, 13 raw chicken and 13 bones is obtained, it is recommended to use Home Teleport to Lumbridge Castle, and then run back to the farm, taking approximately 90 seconds. Killing chickens is a decent way for lower levels to make money in free-to-play, but it is not recommended for players with higher Combat or other useful skills.

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