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Killing desert goats
Requirements Goat.png

30 Multicombat.png recommended


None, but Spirits of the Elid will help as it gives access to Nardah's fountain and shrine.


Completed the elite Desert Diary for Desert amulet 4 (optional)



Profit Experience gained
13,500 per hour

12,000 Multicombat.png
4,000 Hitpoints icon.png

Inputs Outputs


150 x Desert goat horn (13,500)

Goats drop desert goat horns 100% of the time. The easiest way to obtain desert goat horns is to kill goats just west of the bank in Nardah, where banking is quick. Having a high Combat level and a good weapon is recommended to kill them quickly. Players with 75+ Combat can bank 150-200 desert goat horns in an hour.

As the area is in the Kharidian Desert, you will take some damage from desert heat, so consider wearing full desert clothing or Desert amulet 4. Also, have two or more full waterskins in your inventory, but the waterskis can be omitted only if the Desert amulet 4 is obtained and worn. Also, those who have completed Spirits of the Elid will have access to a water fountain to refill waterskins.

As you'll be waiting a while between killing the goats, you could combine this with another money making method or a training method like High Level Alchemy. In addition, you could grind the goat horns with a pestle and mortar, which would make the total profit per hour 19,650.

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