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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
|Activity = Killing [[red dragons]]
|Image = [[File:Slayer Assignment Rework (2).png|400px]]
|Profit = {{GEP|Dragon bones|40}}+{{GEP|Red dragonhide|40}}-875*4
|Skill = <poem>
70+ {{scm|Ranged}} recommended
40+ {{scm|Defence}} recommended
34 {{scm|Woodcutting}} required
30 {{scm|Agility}} required</poem>
|Item =<poem>Protection against [[dragonfire]] ([[Anti-dragon shield]] recommended)
Good [[Ranged]] [[equipment]]
[[Amulet of glory]]
A few pieces of [[food]]
Some [[energy potion]]s
An [[axe]] to chop through vines
875 [[coins]] to pay [[Saniboch]]
|Quest = None
|Other = <poem>Completion of the [[Karamja_Diary#Elite|elite Karamja tasks]] (optional)
55 {{scm|Slayer}} for [[Broad bolts]] recommended (optional)
40 {{scm|Construction}} (optional for [[player-owned house]] in [[Brimhaven]])
|Other Benefits =<poem>{{Formatexpr|140*4*40}} {{scm|Ranged}}
{{Formatexpr|140*1.33*40}} {{scm|Hitpoints}}</poem>
|Inputs = 3,500 [[coins]] (for entrance fees)
|Outputs = <poem>
40 x [[Dragon bones]] ({{GEPrice|Dragon bones|40}})
40 x [[Red dragonhide]] ({{GEPrice|Red dragonhide|40}})
|Location = [[Brimhaven Dungeon]], [[Myths' Guild]] basement if players have completed [[Dragon Slayer II]]
|Category = Combat/Mid
|Details =
'''This guide assumes 40-45 kills per hour. Your profit per hour may vary depending on your speed.'''
[[Red dragons]], found in the [[Brimhaven Dungeon]], always drop [[dragon bones]] and [[red dragonhide]] (along with many other chance drops), which sell for {{GEPrice|Dragon bones}} and {{GEPrice|Red dragonhide}} respectively. This makes each kill worth {{formatnum:{{#expr:{{GEP|Dragon bones}}+{{GEP|Red dragonhide}}}}}} coins.
Players who have completed [[Dragon Slayer II]] may prefer killing red dragons in the [[Myths' Guild]] basement, as they are much closer to a bank alongside ease of access with the [[mythical cape]] teleport.
Each trip will last about 20 minutes including banking hides and bones and returning to the dungeon. The best method of banking is to teleport to [[Edgeville]] using an [[Amulet of glory]], and return to the dungeon via teleporting to your [[player-owned house]] in [[Brimhaven]] (requires 40 [[Construction]]) via [[House tab]]. Otherwise, banking in [[Mor Ul Rek]] and running to the dungeon will be very tedious and long. Another method is by using [[Karamja gloves 3]] to teleport to [[Shilo Village (location)|Shilo Village]], banking, and returning via the cart to Brimhaven.
Those who've done the whole diary can have access to a [[shortcut]] to the red dragons as well as noted red dragonhide with [[Karamja gloves 4]].
{{Money making}}

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