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Killing snakes
Requirements Trouble Brewing Building.png

60 Multicombat.png recommended


The Great Brain Robbery (optional but rewards the Prayer book to heal poison at the expense of Prayer points)
Unlocked the Trouble Brewing minigame teleport (optional but helps for returning)



Profit Experience gained
37,900 per hour

20,000 Multicombat.png
6,650 Hitpoints icon.png

Inputs Outputs

3 x Superantipoison (711)

200 x Snake hides (38,600)

There are three snakes right next to the bank deposit chest north of Trouble Brewing. These snakes always drop snake hide, which is worth 193 coins each. After obtaining an inventory full of snake hides, the hides may be deposited via the bank box. Each snake has only 25 Hitpoints, so they may be killed easily in one hit with a strong weapon. High-level players will be able to kill upwards of 300 snakes per hour (one snake every 10-12 seconds makes a full inventory every 5.5 minutes or so, resulting in around 313 snakes per hour minus the bank time).

Alternatively, players who have done The Great Brain Robbery can use the Prayer book to heal poison whilst wearing a Holy symbol instead of toting Superantipoisons. Players should bring a Prayer potion if using this method, however, to restore Prayer points.

Low-level players should beware of aggressive jungle horrors, which may be found near the western snake. You can minimise the time spent in their attack range by cycling your snake-killing from east-to-west (east snake, center snake, west snake, repeat). However, this mainly applies to rangers, as they will still be standing in the jungle horrors' range when killing the center snake if cycling from west-to-east (although the horrors can still chase and hit Melee players). If the jungle horrors inflict more damage than a player can take, it is recommended to not kill the western snake in order to completely avoid the jungle horrors. In that scenario, use a straight-forward approach by firstly killing the snake closest to the bank deposit box, picking up its hide, and once it is dead, sip some Super anti-poison if poisoned, and move on the the snake closer to the coast. Alternate between these two snakes. When you have a full inventory of hides, bank in the deposit box and repeat. If necessary, food should be used to maximise the number of kills per hour. If killing only two of the snakes, the number killed per hour will be significantly less, and therefore profit will be greatly reduced.

Note: Be sure to unlock the Trouble Brewing minigame teleport once you arrive so that you may return with ease.

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