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Killing tree spirits
Requirements Enchanted Valley.png

13+ Magic icon.png
43+ Prayer icon.png (optional but recommended for Protect from Melee)


Magic gear
Dramen or Lunar staff (unless elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary is completed)
Some food
An emergency teleport (optional)


Started Fairytale II - Cure a Queen
Completed Lost City for Dramen staff or completed the elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary


Runes for casting Fire Strike or better



Profit Experience gained
78,000 per hour


Inputs Outputs

750 x Mind runes (2,250)

294 x Nature rune (63,798)
2 x Rune axe (14,362)
4 x Adamant axe (2,080)

To kill tree spirits, you need to have unlocked the Fairy rings and enter the code BKQ. Bring your best axe, cut down any tree, and a tree spirit will spawn. A tree spirit may be safespotted in the north-westernmost corner in between the bushes, and they are prone to fire spells. Casting Fire Strike, it will take approximately two minutes to kill one. They drop axes (steel, mithril, adamant and rune), a lot of nature runes, herbs, seeds, etc.

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