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|Activity = Making [[oak plank]]s
|Image = [[File:Sawmill.png|300px]]
|Profit = {{GEP|Oak plank|2028}} - {{GEP|Oak logs|2028}} - {{GEP|Willow logs|78}} - {{GEP|Ring of dueling(8)|9.75}} - 507000
|Skill = 50 {{scm|Firemaking}}
|Item = <poem>
[[Weight-reducing clothing]]
[[Ring of dueling]]
6,500 [[coins]]
26 [[Oak logs]]
1 [[Willow log]]
|Quest = [[Enlightened Journey]]
|Other = Unlocked [[Varrock]] route of [[Balloon transport system]] and also [[Castle Wars]] route, because balloon won't appear north-east of Castle wars
|Other Benefits = None
|Inputs = <poem>
507,000 [[coins]]
2,028 x [[Oak logs]] ({{GEPrice|Oak logs|2028}})
78 x [[Willow logs]] ({{GEPrice|Willow logs|78}})
9.75 x [[Ring of dueling]] ({{GEPrice|Ring of dueling(8)|9.75}})
|Outputs = 2,028 x [[Oak plank]] ({{GEPrice|Oak plank|2028}})
|Location = [[Castle Wars]], [[Sawmill]]
|Category = Processing
|Details = Making [[oak plank]]s at the [[Sawmill]] is a decent way to make money. Each plank requires one [[oak log]] and 250 [[coins]]. The fastest way to get to the Sawmill is through the [[Balloon transport system]], which requires completion of [[Enlightened Journey]]. Once you've unlocked the [[Balloon transport system#Varrock|Varrock route]], requiring 50 [[Firemaking]], you can fly to the [[Varrock]] balloon, just steps away from the Sawmill, for one [[willow log]].<br>
Start out in the [[Castle Wars]] lobby, and withdraw 26 oak logs, one willow log, and at least 6,500 coins. Run north out of the lobby and north to the balloon, and fly to Varrock. Run north to the [[Sawmill operator]], and select '''Buy-plank''', and then '''Buy All''' under the oak logs. Teleport back to Castle Wars with a [[Ring of dueling]], bank, and repeat the process.
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