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|Profit = {{GEP|Toadflax potion (unf)|1700}} - {{GEP|Toadflax|1700}} - {{GEP|Vial of water|1700}}
|Profit = {{GEP|Toadflax potion (unf)|1700}} - {{GEP|Toadflax|1700}} - {{GEP|Vial of water|1700}}
|Skill = 30 {{scm|Herblore}}
|Skill = 34 {{scm|Herblore}}
|Item = 5,000,000+ [[coins]] recommended
|Item = 5,000,000+ [[coins]] recommended
|Quest = [[Druidic Ritual]]
|Quest = [[Druidic Ritual]]

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Making toadflax potions


34 Herblore icon.png


5,000,000+ coins recommended





Profit Experience gained
294,100 per hour


Inputs Outputs

1,700 x Toadflax (2,786,300)
1,700 x Vial of water (6,800)

1,700 x Toadflax potion (unf) (3,087,200)

Toadflax potions are used to create Saradomin brews. Because these are often used to train Herblore, and adding clean toadflax to a vial of water gives no experience, many players avoid the tedium of making unfinished potions and buy them directly from the Grand Exchange. This opens up an opportunity to make unfinished toadflax potions for profit. Like all methods involving large amounts of buying and selling, which require a relatively high capital to start, it is recommended to test the market by making one unfinished potion first to make sure they are profitable.

Withdraw 14 toadflax and 14 vials of water, and use one on the other. A menu will open, and click to Make-all. After the inventory is complete, you should be left with 14 unfinished toadflax potions. Deposit your inventory, withdraw 14 herbs and 14 vials of water, and repeat. Each inventory should take about 30 seconds with banking, which means you can make around 1,700 potions per hour.

Once you've finished making your potions, sell them on the Grand Exchange. Maximize your profit by buying one unfinished potion instantly, and selling all of yours for slightly less than that.

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