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Mining runite ore
Requirements Runite rock.png

85+ Mining icon.png


Depends on what mining site the player chooses


Varrock armour 4 (optional) and depends on what mining site the player chooses



Profit Experience gained
446,800 per hour

5,000 Mining icon.png

Inputs Outputs


40 x Runite ore (446,760)

A map of the Wilderness.

Mining runite ore, which is a high-level ore that frequently sells for a high price (11,169 coins) due to its use in producing runite bars via Smithing, is an accolade in itself. They are highly popular and often are depleted of their resources, so players need to switch worlds in order to find fresh runite rocks. There are limited locations to mine runite, but a notable and popular place for both members and non-members alike is at Wilderness Rune Mine, which contains two rocks. It is located north-west of the Lava Maze in level 46 Wilderness. Since it is in the Wilderness, players should not take anything they are not prepared to lose. It's also suggested for players to mine with extreme caution since there is the always-looming threat of a player killer.

Before venturing out there, players should bring a few pieces of food and a Melee weapon in which the weapon is optional, but it could still help. Also, members could wear the Serpentine helm, which could help ward off threats. Also, having a scout, which is generally a low-level, noob account, can be used to assess the risks and find available rocks.

Regardless, if players wish to avoid the hassles and dangers of the Wilderness, they can try the other mine locations and employ the world switching tactic. Nonetheless, it takes around 12 minutes for a rock to respawn depending on how long ago it was mined.

With progression and luck, players can mine between 30 and 60 ores an hour, thus yielding between 335,070 and 670,140 coins, but the typical norm averages at roughly 40 ores per hour, which is 446,760 coins, due to constant world hopping and bank time. Factor in Varrock armour 4, and the player has a 10% chance of mining two ores at once. Theoretically, up to 66 ores per hour can be achieved at 737,154.

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