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Opening eclectic impling jars
Requirements Eclectic impling.png

50 Hunter icon.png
42 Construction icon.png recommended
96 Magic icon.png recommended
Various (for clue steps)


5,000,000+ coins recommended
A light source
Graceful outfit
Stamina potions
Teleportation items
Medium STASH units built and filled


Various (for clue steps)



Profit Experience gained
2,814,600 per hour

Some Multicombat.png experience

Inputs Outputs

500 x Eclectic impling jar (1,524,000)
8 x Stamina potion(4) (56,400)
Runes and teleport charges (80,000)

450 x Impling jar (472,950)
500 x Eclectic impling loot (346,755)
0.0781 x Ranger boots (3,007,985)
2.6 x God pages (183,113)
Other medium clue scroll loot (464,188)

Please note the listed profit rate assumes medium clue scroll completion rate of 20 per hour.

Eclectic impling jars can be opened to obtain various items. One of these items is a medium clue scroll. Completing medium clue scrolls is the only way to obtain certain cosmetic items as well as the very valuable ranger boots (worth 38,490,298). This makes completing medium clues rather profitable, with the average clue reward valued at 182,764.

Eclectic impling jars can be bought on the Grand Exchange for 3,048 each. Opening one gives an average of 1,639 in common loot as well as a 1/25 chance of a medium clue scroll. When including the weighted value of the medium clue scroll loot, the average total loot of each eclectic impling jar is worth 8,949, meaning extracting the contents of each jar results in an effective profit of 5,901. Players who have unlocked high-requirement teleports and shortcuts have reported completing 20-25 medium clues per hour using this method [1]. High-requirement teleports are not a requirement though, and players without them should expect around 10-15 clues per hour with decent profit.

At 10 medium clues per hour, players should expect 1,475,496 in loot; at 15 medium clues per hour, 2,213,244 in loot; at 20 medium clues per hour, 2,950,992 in loot. Note that the very rare ranger boots make up 67.2% of the loot. If you do not receive ranger boots, the expected profit per hour decreases to -110,114. At 20 medium clues per hour, the average player running this method will require 12 hours to obtain ranger boots, however 5% of players will require 38 hours to obtain their first pair. Because profit is so heavily reliant on a single rare loot, it recommended players pursue this moneymaking method only if they dedicate significant time on it.

To maximise profit, it is important to complete each step of the clue as quickly as possible. While using teleports to get around is expensive, it will save a lot of time. The amulet of glory, games necklace, ring of dueling, necklace of passage, Digsite pendant, and Xeric's talisman are essential. Spellbook Swap can be used to cast teleport from every spellbook. As you need inventory space for these teleportation items, STASH units can be used to save inventory space on clue items.


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