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Recurring methods

Method Profit Activity Time Effective profit Minimum recurrence time
Buying battlestaves from Baba Yaga 6,000 1 348,000 1,440
Buying from the Culinaromancer's Chest 6,000 3 127,000 1,440
Buying ore from Ordan 141,000 60 141,000 1
Buying runes from Lundail 42,000 60 42,000 84
Buying supplies from Razmire 273,000 60 273,000 1,440
Buying supplies from the Stonemason 132,000 20 395,000 1,440
Claiming pure essence from Wizard Cromperty 1,000 1 30,000 1,440
Buying battlestaves from Zaff 139,000 1 8,359,000 1,440
Picking cactus spines 9,000 1 543,000 75
Opening herb boxes 155,000 10 933,000 1,440
Brewing greenman's ale 183,000 5 2,197,000 2,880
Picking papayas 21,000 4 320,000 270
Picking coconuts 56,000 3 1,117,000 270
Buying ore from Hring Hring 134,000 60 134,000 50

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