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{{External|rs=Monkey (race)|wp}}[[File:Monkey chathead.png|left]]
{{External|rs=Monkey (race)|wp}}[[File:Monkey chathead.png|left]]
'''Ok So Basically I'm Monky'''
'''Ok So Basically I'm Monky'''

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Monkey chathead

Ok So Basically I'm Monky


In RuneScape, there are two main monky species: the Karamjan monky and the Ape Atoll monky. Karamjan monkys are typically known for being the more intelligent of the two, while the monkys which inhabit Ape Atoll are generally larger.

Karamjan monky

Ok so Basically i'm Karamjan Monky.

Ape Atoll monky

Ok so basically i am ape atoll monky

Greegree monkys

During and after the Monky Madness I quest, players wielding a particular greegree can transform into one of eight types of monky: the Karamjan monky; 2 types of Zombie monky (small and large); 2 types of Ninja monky (small and large), and 3 types of gorilla (with or without beard and a special blue-faced one).

Notable monkys

  • Marimbo - the matron goddess of monky.
  • Awowogei - the monky king of Ape Atoll.
  • Ok so Basically i'm Monky.
  • Ok so Basically i'm Monky.
  • Ok so Basically i'm Joshua
  • King Kong
  • Harmony
  • Silver Back
  • ooh ooh ahh ahh smash my head into the walls and eat flies..
  • n i g n o g
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