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Monkey corpses are the remains of slain Karamjan monkeys. The player must have started Tai Bwo Wannai Trio in order for a monkey to leave its corpse behind when killed; players who have yet to begin the quest will receive the monkey's bones instead.

A monkey corpse may be used as an alternative to monkey bones when creating a Karamjan monkey greegree during and after Monkey Madness I.

During the quest, the monkeys will evade the player's melee attacks and therefore must be killed by means of ranged, magic, or a halberd. After the quest is complete, the player may once again kill monkeys using melee and will always receive a monkey corpse unless they are on a free-to-play server.

The monkey corpse is skinned with Tamayu's assistance, who will return monkey skin and monkey bones to the player. The monkey skin must then be combined with raw seaweed to create the seaweed sandwich requested by Tinsay.

Alternatively, using seaweed on a monkey corpse creates a stuffed monkey. Once this is done, players can only get the seaweed back upon having Tamayu skin the monkey. However, doing so during the quest saves the player one inventory slot as a stuffed monkey contains both ingredients required to create the sandwich.


  • Although it is recieved instead of monkey bones, a monkey's corpse cannot be buried for Prayer experience.
  • Occasionally, Karamjan monkeys will drop an ensouled head and a monkey corpse. This was likely overlooked by the developers.
  • If a player attempts to use a knife or a bladed weapon on a monkey corpse, the message box states: "You don't know how to skin a monkey...yet.". Despite what this implies, players never gain the ability to skin a monkey themselves.

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