Monkey dentures detail.png

The monkey dentures are a quest item used during the Monkey Madness I quest. They are obtained by searching crates in the same house on Ape Atoll that you get the m'amulet mould. The player must take the dentures, a gold bar and the m'amulet mould to Zooknock, the Royal Guard mage, at the end of a dangerous dungeon in Ape Atoll. Zooknock will then infuse the magical powers of the dentures into the gold bar and return an enchanted bar. After the finishing chapter 2 of the quest, the player can buy some from Tutab's Magical Market while in monkey form.


  • If you listen to the dentures with a M'speak amulet, they say, "Floss me! Floss me!" or "Help - I need toothpaste!"

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