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Mud pie detail.png

A mud pie is an item in Old School RuneScape that players can equip in a mainhand slot. Instead of being eaten, the mud pie can be considered some sort of weapon. However, it does very little damage and has limited uses (e.g. it is not stackable).


Mud pies are thrown at other players to decrease their run energy incrementally. Wearing Armour with high Ranged defense will lower the draining accuracy of mud pies. Protecting from Ranged will half the energy drained. Mud pies have no effect on NPCs. The cooking level is 29, and the cooking experience is 128.


  1. Mix flour and water to make some pastry dough.
  2. Place the dough in an empty pie dish to make a pie shell.
  3. Add compost to your pie shell to make part mud pie 1 (supercompost does not work).
  4. Add water to the pie using a bucket to make part mud pie 2.
  5. Add clay to the pie to make a raw mud pie.
  6. Cook on a range.