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A multicombat area, also known as a Multiway Combat area is an area of the RuneScape world where a player or monster can be attacked by more than one player or monster at a time.

Multicombat areas are identified upon entering by two crossed swords (This icon indicates that a player is in a multicombat area) which appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the interface or under the mini world map. Anywhere else is a Single-way combat area, also known as a single-combat area.

Multicombat areas are especially dangerous in the Wilderness, as a player can be attacked by more than one monster or player at a time. It is very useful, though, to be in a multicombat area while monster slaying with friends, as lone players can be killed easily.

Notice when you are using Magic or Ranged on an enemy behind a barrier, such as ranging goblins behind a fence, even though it's not a multicombat area, as long as you aren't under attack, you can attack more than one enemy.

Some multicombat areas include:

Multi-hitting attacks

Some weapons, spells or equipment are capable of hitting multiple opponents in a single hit. Most of them could still be used in single-combat areas, but they could only hit multiple opponents while in a multi-combat area. They include:

Technically, the Dwarf multicannon is not a multi-hitting weapon; it simply shoots at many opponents very rapidly given that the player is not under attack or is in a multi-combat area.


  • Usually, when fighting a single monster with other players, the player that applied the most total damage at the end of the battle gets the monster's item/coin drop.
  • Players can aggravate multiple enemies by simply attacking all of them without killing them then running to a farther location. The aggressive monsters will follow the player causing the monsters to pile the player.
  • What determines if you are in able to attack someone else is based on the zone they are currently in, which means one could attack multiple from a single-combat zone as long as they are in a multicombat area. This will also mean that only one person can attack you if you are in a single-combat area.